Wedding Ceremony




Vinay and co. are very versed in the art of live music OR DJ services during multiple types of wedding ceremonies! The musicians or DJ will work and cooperate with the officiant to ensure a smooth, effective, and memorable ceremony experience unlike any other.  Musical instrumentation includes but is not limited to: 

  • String quartet

  • Solo Bamboo flute (Bansuri)

  • Solo piano

  • Traditional North Indian Ensemble (vocalists, tabla, harmonium, etc.) 

  • solo classical guitar

  • "Western" Influenced Ensemble (Drum set, vocalist, electric guitar, electric or upright bass, piano/keyboards, saxophone/wind instruments)


 In many situations, you may see the DJ connect a mobile audio system in a car and the groom can ride around behind the vehicle, playing all the best hits for everyone to dance during the most exciting groom procession or Baraat, announcing the groom's arrival to the ceremony venue.  Sure, there are groups out there with Dhol, and maybe a few brass musicians involved. MEMORY doesn't stop there, however.  You can have a full marching band with as many as 11 musicians to establish a powerful, exciting, and infectious atmosphere that is unparalleled to any Baraat experience on this planet!  This Baraat band knows all the best hits of Bollywood AND chart-topping popular Western (U.S., U.K., etc) hits.  You will leave the Baraat with every guest positively surprised and delighted with the best time of their lives.  Baraat ensembles can range from:

  • Solo DJ with P.A. system
  • Solo Dholi (Dhol drummer) accompanying a DJ P.A. system playing prerecorded hit music
  • Medium Baraat Band (Trumpet, Alto Saxophone, Trombone, Sousaphone, Dhol, Snare Drum, Cymbals, Bass Drum)
  • Large Baraat Band--PICTURED ABOVE--(two trumpets, two alto saxophones, two trombones, one sousaphone, dhol, snare drum, cymbals, bass drum)

CLICK HERE for a video sample


It's no secret that Vinay's professional musicianship and multi-instrumental skills have helped skyrocket his DJ career. Vinay has a great audio rig set up for any and every kind of music that you could imagine.  Due to his lifetime commitment towards performing music at a high professional level, Vinay knows how to read a crowd and keep everyone entertained throughout the day and night. You can expect nothing but the utmost professionalism and charm while Vinay Emcees your reception if needed as well. That professionalism and charm will carry over while he manages the audio for performance items and background music, and also during an electric DJ performance to help start and end your event strong!

Even after all this, there is something that MEMORY is doing that is unique to only this company. Something that no one can do because it just seems impossible. Something that will truly guarantee a memorable experience. Vinay is the Lead vocalist and Musical Director of a live band comprised of Western and Indian instruments/musicians at the highest level of musicianship. This band is widely regarded as the most unique and entertaining band you can find. The main reason for this is that the band can perform ALL of the best hits of the Western World AND of Bollywood!  There is truly no band like this.  You and your guests will have the night of a lifetime, guaranteed! 

It's up to you: hire the live band, or the DJ, or even both!


Background/Other Music Services

Music can be memorable, even if it is something that your guests might not initially even notice.  IF music is appropriate and performed well for an event, guests will realize eventually that the event just felt better throughout.  In addition to  top-notch DJ services, MEMORY specializes in a variety of background music services that can help establish any effect desired, but in very special ways. MEMORY also can provide musical entertainment in the form of an act or show or performance, such as a solo piano and vocal performance by Vinay.   Below are a few examples of events during which you can hire background music for your wedding weekend:

  • Sangeet
  • Mehndi 
  • Wedding Lunch
  • Wedding Ceremony
  • Cocktail hour/pre-reception
  • Primetime performance items

Here are a few of the incredible background music options MEMORY provides:

  • solo classical piano
  • solo Bollywood Piano
  • string trio or quartet performing Bollywood and Classical music
  • Jazz Small Group
  • Jazz/Indian fusion music

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