MEMORY is an incredibly versatile and unique company that provides music services for various private and public events around the world. The company comprises of several permutations of a DJ and/or live musicians for each respective service.  The company is headed by Vinay Shroff, owner/musical director/musician/DJ.  Vinay is a professional musician based in Nashville, Tennesse, U.S.A. Vinay began pursuing music as much more than a hobby early on in his childhood and now calls himself a multi-instrumentalist, or a musician that can play several different instruments. Vinay attended Belmont University in Nashville for his undergraduate degree in music performance, music business, and music technology.  Since Belmont, Vinay spends his time performing with various musical artists and heading the MEMORY projects. Vinay performs regularly on the drum set, all ethnic and concert percussion; Indian percussion, piano, voice, and more. 

Due to the fact that Vinay has established great relationships with all high-level musicians and DJ's in Nashville (also known as Music City, U.S.A.), MEMORY has established itself as the premiere vendor for many types of music services, second to none.  It is Vinay's true passion for music as well as his desire for the continuation of meaningful art that together help create unforgettable moments in our minds and hearts.

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